Friday, March 28, 2008


Recently, my loyalty has been questioned.

I do believe I am a loyal person. But lately, it's been pulled so many directions, that I am starting to wonder myself where it lays.

I am loyal to my children. They need me. I am loyal to my husband. He tolerates my brief periods of insanity and stands behind most decisions that I make. He deserves it. I am loyal to my friends. I have always accepted and loved my friends for what they truly are. For the most part, most of them returned the friendship and they never demanded any loyalty. But the get it.

The loyalty currently in questions is at work. It can get confusing sometimes because there are so many different people I am responsible to and they all can't have 100% of that loyalty.

I am good at my job. I do lack in some areas, and I can fix those, given the time and patience (that is a whole other blog...). But not one single person can demand 100% of my loyalty.

I guess maybe it's time to be loyal to myself, vice trying to make everyone else 100% happy.

We will see how well that goes over!

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Frank said...


Didn't you get pregnant by your boyfriends roommate in Cuba?